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Any person unwilling to comply with the COVID-19 Safety Rules and Regulations of Beacon Sports may be denied access to the facility, and shall not be entitled to any refunds from Beacon Sports.

  • Guests and athletes entering the facility (lobby or arena) are required to wear a face mask.

  • A maximum of 5 persons permitted in the lobby at all times. All other parents and family must wait outside the facility.

  • A maximum of 20 persons permitted in either arena at any time.

  • All guests and instructors required to maintain a 6 ft distance while anywhere on the premises.

  • Athletes and instructors are required to undergo a temperature test via infrared thermometer each time they enter the facility. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will not practice that day.

  • Athletes must wait outside for previous session to conclude, and are prohibited from entering the facility before their scheduled practice time.

  • Use of hand sanitizer is required upon arrival, entry, and leaving. Instructors must wash hands between lessons.

  • All guests and instructors to wear protective equipment while anywhere on the premises.

  • Additional waiver will be required by all to acknowledge they will abide by these safety regulations while on the premises.

  • Every area of the facility has been and will be cleaned and disinfected each day.


Any person unwilling to comply with the Safety Standards, Rules and Regulations of Beacon Sports may be denied access to, and shall not be entitled to any refunds from Beacon Sports.


  • All participants under 18 must be accompanied by either a coach, guardian or parent while in the arena.

  • Beacon Sports may be utilizing security cameras on-site which may record video and audio of patrons of the facility. By entering Beacon Sports you are consenting to being videotaped while in the facility.

  • Parents and other visitors are encouraged to view activities through the windows on the reception area. However, parents and visitors may, at their own risk (as they will not be covered by insurance) be seated on the benches located in the designated areas on the sidelines behind the nets to view activities, to the extent of available space, as long as they do not, in the discretion of the coaches or Beacon Sports, interfere with the players.

  • Sneakers, turf shoes or molded cleats no longer than 1/2 inch are the only type of footwear that may be worn on the turf fields, NO METAL CLEATS CAN BE WORN INSIDE BEACON SPORTS AT ANY TIME. Beacon Sports reserves the right, without any additional notice, to deny access to the turf field to any participant not wearing this designated footwear. No refunds shall be available to any person denied access to the turf fields due to improper footwear.

  • All participants must wear shoes, shirts and pants at all times.

  • All participants must wear protective gear (ie Helmets, Pads, chest protectors, etc) based on their activity. G. Batters must wear batting helmets inside the batting cages at all times

  • Any person injured at Beacon Sports must file an incident report at the front desk prior to leaving the facility on the date of the incident. This can be filed by either the athlete (18 years and older only), parent, coach, or guardian.

  • NO MORE THAN 4 PARTICIPANTS PER CAGE WILL BE ALLOWED INCLUDING PERSON PITCHING BALL AT BATTER J. The parking lot at Beacon Sports may not be utilized for anything other than parking vehicles (i.e. no ball playing, skateboarding, etc). Any person violating this regulation shall be personally and vicariously liable for any damage caused to persons or property.

  • No running, or throwing or kicking of any balls, frisbees, or any other objects, etc. whatsoever, is permitted in any of the interior areas of Beacon Sports other than on the turf field.


  • NO FOOD of any type may be brought onto the turf fields or sidelines. Food may only be eaten in the interior common areas of the facility. This includes “Sunflower Seeds”, “GUM” and Candies”. 

  • Smoking is absolutely prohibited while inside Beacon Sports. No chewing tobacco may be utilized by any person while inside Beacon Sports.

  • Drinks of any type MUST BE contained within a sports bottle or container with lid (i.e. water or Gatorade, etc).

  • No alcoholic beverages of any type are allowed on Beacon Sports premises.

  • Coaches/parents/participants are responsible for ensuring that all waste/garbage generated by them, any minors accompanying them and any individuals/groups under their direction or control is removed from the turf fields and placed in appropriate receptacles prior to leaving the field. Failure to adhere to this rule may preclude permitted bottles from being brought onto the turf fields.



  • No person (whether or not participating in an activity) may pull, hang onto or harm any of the netting surrounding the turf fields.

  • Any person causing damage to the property of Beacon Sports shall be held accountable to reimburse Beacon Sports, in full, for all repair or replacement expenses arising from such conduct.

  • No person may pull or tug on, or otherwise remove or attempt to remove, turf fibers or grass from the turf fields.

  • No person (whether or not participating in an activity) may cause damage to the walls, insulation or any other structures or fixtures of Beacon Sports , other than damage which accidentally occurs while participating in a scheduled activity. See Rule '2B', above, as to responsibility for damages.

  • Beacon Sports reserves the right to assess and collect damages from any persons who violate any rules and/or regulations of the facility or cause damage to any person or property.



  • NO SPITTING is permitted in the practice area

  • No discourteous behavior or arguing with employees or management of Beacon Sports shall be permitted by any fan, visitor, patron or other person entering Beacon Sports. At the sole and reasonable discretion of Beacon Sports, a person shall be precluded or denied further access to or from Beacon Sports due to such improper conduct.

  • No altercations of any type (physical or verbal) shall be permitted on the premises (inside or outside) of Beacon Sports, including, but not limited to, between participants, coaches, friends, family members, visitors, etc... or with representatives or employees of Beacon Sports

  • Any improper conduct shall subject the violator to the full consequences of the law and/or reasonable disciplinary action (ejection, suspension or denial of future access to Beacon Sports, all of which shall occur without any refund to the violator(s) as deemed necessary and appropriate by Beacon Sports.

  • No refunds shall be provided to any person ejected or suspended.


CDC Concussion Awareness
CDC Concussion Awareness
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